“Dune” 2021 release was a gold mine in the box office


IMAGE / wikimeida commons

A dune from the movie

“Dune” was released Oct. 22, 2021. Dune is a sci-fi movie based on the 1965 novel by Frank Herbert.

The book was very successful, winning the inaugural Nebula award for best novel. It also tied with Roger Zelanys “This Immortal” for the Hugo award in 1966.

Years later the novel was brought to the new era of technology in 1992 when Cryo Interactive (video game developing company in the 90’s) developed the game and had Virgin Game publish it.

The game blends economic and military strategy loosely following the novel’s plot-line.

The new 2021 release of “Dune” is separated into 2 movies with the first movie covering only half of the 400 page book.

There are many familiar stars in this movie, Chani is a lead female role (played by Zendaya), Duncan Idaho (played by Jason Mamoa), and Dave Batista plays Beast Rabban Harkonnen. This is just to name a few of the Hollywood stars you are going to see in this movie

Senior Conan Prevo thinks the movie followed the book very closely.

“I think the ending could have been better, it was focused on setting up the second movie,” Prevo said. “The movie followed the original content really well.”

Within 3 days of the movie’s release, “Dune” has grossed over 40 million dollars and is being shown in 4,125 theaters.

“Dune” has done very well with hitting the projected box office value.

IMBD gave “Dune” a 8.3/10, I feel like this is a good rating for the quality of the movie. The movie had good action and set up the story for the second movie very well.