Mitski makes a comeback


IMAGE / Sophia Evans/The Observer

Mitski jams out on stage.

Mitski finally makes a comeback after 3 years of being in the dark following her previous album “Be the Cowboy.”

It was released back in 2018 with 14 tracks which included hits songs “Nobody” and “Washing Machine Heart.”

She decided to take a break from music in June of 2019 she posted a tweet saying “It’s Time to Be a Human Again.”

On Oct. 5th, 2021 she released her newest hit single “Working for the Knife.”

Junior Sam Gunn enjoyed the diverse types of instruments in the song.

“It’s full of sound and you hear every instrument and it makes you think how long it took for this song to be made.” Gunn said

“Working for the Knife” received positive feedback from fans and garnered 2.1 million views on Youtube.

The song is a piece of art, representing a desire to get somewhere, but not having the energy to make it happen. It’s very melancholy in a beautiful way, and I think many fans can relate to the song.

Most of Mitski’s music is meant to be sad in a comforting way. Her lyrics make you feel understood as she sheds light on various mental health struggles. 

Releasing a new single was not the only thing Mitski had in store for us. Fans were in shock when she announced her upcoming spring 2022 tour.

The tour kicks off Feb. 17, 2022, in Asheville, North Carolina, and ends May 22 in Munich, Germany.

Tickets went on sale at approximately noon ET on October 8. 

Many fans immediately rushed online, eager to buy anything they could find, that the tickets are now sold out everywhere.