Girls Tennis Ties Flushing 4-4

Tuesday, April 13th Kearsley’s varsity girls tennis team faced off against Flushing. The match ended in a tie 4-4.

In singles, Jaqueline Olivo, Emma Salvador, and Emily Fisher won their matches.

Singles two, Jaqueline Olivo took her opponent in a three set thriller (6-2)(3-6)(6-4)

Singles three, Emma Salvador defeated her opponent (6-4)(6-4)

Singles four, Emily Fisher got the better of her opponent (6-2)(6-4)

In doubles, the doubles two team, Emily Schanick and Victoria Griffith, Vanquished their opponents (4-6)(6-4) (7-6)(7-2)

“I think that everyone did their best, and we all played well,” says Schanick. “But in the end we couldn’t beat them, I’m still proud of how I played and how my team played.”