Senior powder puff court eyes crown

Five seniors look to claim the powder puff crown as they represent their Class of 2020 peers on the 2019 powder puff court.

The five seniors are: Ashtyn Cohoon, Ethan Livingston, John Brown, Brandon Fisher, and Jaylon Burchfield.

John Brown

Senior John Brown

Brown’s hobbies are wrestling and playing football. He also likes to spend time with his family.

Brown’s biggest inspiration is his father, Mr. John Brown.

His parents are Mr. and Mrs. John and Yakini Brown.

He was escorted by junior Allyson Sizemore at the pep assembly.

Brown’s future plans include attending a four-year college and pursuing a career in special education.

Jaylon Burchfield 

Senior Jaylon Burchfield

Burchfield’s hobbies include cooking, playing sports, watching TV, and writing.

His biggest inspiration is his grandma Angie and grandpa Kevin.

His future plans include going to college and landing a good job that he loves.

Junior Sierra Jones escorted Burchfield at the pep assembly.

Burchfield’s mother is Mrs. LeeAnn Burchfield.

Ashytyn Cohoon

Senior Ashtyn Cohoon

Cohoon’s parents are Mrs. Allyson Cohoon and Mr. Adam Smith.

Ashtyn’s hobbies include gaming with his friends, and he also enjoys playing and watching sports. He loves watching movies.

John Cena inspires Ashtyn.

His future plans include an apprenticeship at Consumers Energy.

Ashtyn was escorted by senior Raegan Duffy at the pep assembly.

Brandon Fisher

Senior Brandon Fisher

Fisher’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Chad and Amie Fisher.

Brandon’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, and playing sports.

His biggest inspiration is his father.

Brandon’s future plans include finishing high school with a 3.5 GPA and going to college for mechanical engineering.

He was escorted by senior Felicia Cunningham at the pep assembly.

Ethan Livingston

Senior Ethan Livingston

Livingston’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Kristi Livingston.

His hobbies are fishing, playing football and baseball, and hanging out with his friends.

Ethan’s biggest inspiration is his father.

His future plans include going to college for criminal justice or sports management.