Declawing cats is cruel

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Declawing cats is cruel

Cassie Horne

Cassie Horne

Cassie Horne

Cassie Horne

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Many think that declawing a cat is harmless, but they should do more research before actually going through the procedure.

I strongly disagree with people who think that declawing cats is OK.

I have a cat that is only 13 weeks old, and I would never want anything to happen to her.

But my family decided that declawing her would be the best thing for our family and our house.

Most pet caregivers don’t know the consequences that come with declawing a cat.

My family doesn’t believe me when I talk about all the problems that can happen after the procedure.

Declawing can lead to an entirely different set of behavioral problems, some of which are much worse than a cat shredding the couch.

If declawing was performed on a human being, it would be like cutting off the last knuckle on each of the fingers.

As someone who loves animals — and especially cats — I find it cruel and inhumane to declaw a cat.

There are safer alternatives that can be used to keep cats from tearing up furniture and important home appliances, such as trimming down their nails so that you can minimize damage to household items.

Trimming their nails is a much safer alternative because it can’t cause any damage to the cat’s health.

Another safer alternative could be to provide your cat with a nice scratching post or boards. You can use catnip or one of their favorite toys to get them used to it.

Scratching posts are a good alternative because they can’t hurt the cat and they are a healthy way for cats to relieve stress.

Senior Ashley Harroun also feels that declawing is an inhumane way to deal with a cat’s scratching habits.

“We are taking away their first line of defense, not to mention the pain they must feel from such an operation,” Harroun said. “This procedure is inhumane.”

Many families think that declawing is an acceptable just to fix the tears and rips in their clothes and couches, but this causes many consequences for the cat in the future.

These consequences can include no longer using the litter box, pain in the paws, possible infections, tissue necrosis (tissue death), and back pain.

People need to start thinking about all the side effects of this dangerous procedure; it is beyond cruel and should not be legal.

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