I disagree with Kearsley’s dress code

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I disagree with Kearsley’s dress code

Cassie Horne

Cassie Horne

Cassie Horne

Cassie Horne

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As a girl, I think the KHS dress code is biased and specifically targets female students.

I understand that the high school is a little less strict than other schools on what students can wear, but there are some things that could be changed.

Spaghetti strap tank tops and off-the-shoulder shirts should not be against the policy because every human being, whether male or female, has shoulders.

If a male student was to wear something that showed his shoulders, what would the school do to him?

I have seen some of the male students take their shirts off during their gym classes.

This is not OK because girls are always getting into trouble for wearing shirts that show too much shoulder or shirts that show their abdomen.

Personally, I find the dress code sexist.

The dress code is mostly aimed at women and is rarely seen aimed at men.

The one dress code for the male students here at KHS is no sagging — even though many male students are often still seen going against this policy without getting into any trouble.

This is a different story for the girls at KHS.

The girls have countless dress code restrictions including those against wearing shorts or skirts that are not long enough, crop tops, off the shoulder blouses, or shirts that go too low on their chest.

I will agree that some girls will wear clothes that are too revealing, but for the girls who just want to wear a breezy, off-the-shoulder top, it shouldn’t be a problem.

One school day I decided to wear an off-the-shoulder top because I felt confident.

I randomly got called to the office and was told that my shirt was “too revealing” because my shoulders were not covered by a strap more than three fingers wide.

I was angry because I had seen multiple guys wearing things that were against the dress code policy.

I wanted to talk about how I felt about the policy, but I was afraid to get into any more trouble than I already had.

As a young woman, I believe that I should be allowed to wear the clothes that I want so I can express my style and my personality.

What I wear should be my decision because my clothes are what makes me confident about myself.

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