Teachers deserve respect from students

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Teachers deserve respect from students

Stephanie Lane

Stephanie Lane

Stephanie Lane

Stephanie Lane

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Students are at KHS from 7:30 a.m. to 2:20 p.m., five days a week.

Here, their days consist of six hours in the same classes.

Although it is easy to become agitated at fellow students and teachers, that does not mean it’s acceptable.

Teachers are adults and deserve respect from their students.

Punishments need to be enforced when students are disruptive in the classroom.

Without being punished, students think they can get away with the intolerable behavior.

But they shouldn’t.

One common scenario is when students believe they have the “authority” to have an argument with a teacher.

Many of my fellow classmate’s reasoning behind what they say when they are full of anger is the fact that they have freedom of speech, which they do.

But this is not an excuse to be disrespectful.

Students should not be able to get away with back talking and being rude toward their teachers.

Attempting to get your way with a teacher not only disrupts the learning environment for fellow students but, overall, takes the entire purpose of getting an education away.

Students cannot focus on and continue their work when someone is trying to have a debate with a teacher, usually over something as minor as being asked to take their hood off in school or to not have a cellphone out in class.

These rules are published publicly for students and parents to see, so it should not be a surprise when asked to follow them.

Students even use these unsettling scenarios as a way to make themselves appear cooler to their peers.

While roaming the halls of KHS it’s not uncommon to hear someone say, “Did you hear what I said to that teacher today in fifth hour?”

Being impertinent to staff does not make you cool, nor does it make people like you more.

Disrespect is unattractive and will not earn someone more friends.

Many students neglect to remember that the teacher standing in the front of the classroom giving a lecture was in their exact same shoes years ago.

They finished their high school education and the love for education still remained, so they pursued it as their profession.

Every teacher spent their college career learning new ways to approach us students and create the best learning environment for us.

Their goal is to teach students what is needed to be successful as they are trying to prepare us for college and the real world.

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