Dogs bring joy to people’s lives

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IMAGE / Courtesy of Maddie Alpin
Freshman Maddie Alpin’s dog, Bruiser, helps relieve stress.

Dogs are notoriously known as man’s best friend. Even the stereotypical family seems to include a dog.

Having a pet dog while growing up creates a sense of joy and responsibility.

Freshman Maddie Alpin is a student who had the pleasure of growing up with a dog.

The dog she grew up with, Bruiser, was her best friend from the age of just 1.

Having a dog has made her life happier and less stressed.

“My favorite part of having a dog is knowing there will always be someone around for you, to listen and comfort you,” Alpin said.

Alpin has really appreciated growing up with a dog.

“I feel that it is important to have a dog because they will always be your friend,” Alpin said. “And them just being there can be calming.”

Mr. Paul Counelis. Kearsley father, shares many loving moments with his dog Maggie.

Mr. Paul Counelis, father of sophomore Audri Counelis and junior Makayla Randol, has also grown up with dogs.

Counelis said, “My favorite part of having a dog is that they are always ready to hang out.”

Even when doing things like taking out the garbage, Counelis’ dog Maggie is right by his side.

“Dogs teach us about unconditional love,” Counelis said. “They love you no matter what.”

Sophomore Ronnie Valkema did not grow up with a dog but wishes he would have.

“I wish I grew up with a dog because it’s a man’s best, most loyal friend,” Valkema said.

IMAGE / Ronnie Valkema
Sophomore Ronnie Valkema Valkema’s wishes he got a dog when he was younger since Penny brings him such joy now.

Valkema said that growing up with a dog would have taught him to be more responsible because raising a dog is a lot of hard work and takes a great deal of patience.

“I feel like it’s important to grow up with a dog because dogs are lovable and they can teach you a few things,” Valkema said.

Dogs require food, water, going to the bathroom, having their feces cleaned up, grooming, and vet visits.

Now that Valkema has a dog, it really makes him think back on experiences he could have had if he were to have grown up with one.

“Now that I finally got the dog I always wanted, I wish I had the dog when I was younger so it could have slept with me at night,” Valkema said. “Now I feel that it’s a lot easier to sleep with my dog than without. It’s like a cure to my insomnia problem.”