The Eclipse

Andy Nester with his family on a family trip

Dad, golfer and teacher

By Lydia McLain, Author February 21, 2024

A born and raised Michigander, Andrew Nester is no stranger to hard work. Growing up in the Township of Davison, Nester learned the value of integrity and has held it with him to this day. When the reporter...

Peyton Pierce

Peyton Pierce our Future Welder

By Autumn Shapardon, Author February 5, 2024

Senior, Peyton Peirce, has been attending Kearsley’s school district for 13 years. When asked about what he has decided to do for his future career, he replied, “my future career is going to be a welder...

Emily Callahan on Homecoming day, October 2023.

Behind the Scenes of a Songbird

By Kaitlyn McCallum, Author February 2, 2024

“My name is Emily Danielle Callahan. I was born June 29th, 2006, and I am 17  years old.” To put Callahan into a bubble of one word is near impossible, but if you truly want to get a sense of this...

The Hornets queen bee!

The Kearsley Hornets own Queen Bee!

By Brooklynn Burdette, Editor January 31, 2024

On September 11th, 2005, Alyvia Bombe was welcomed into this world by her mother Rebecca Bombe, who left the army to raise her newborn baby. Bombe was born in Watertown, New York, but at the age of...

Kennedy at Snow Fest Winter Church camp!!

Who really are you?

By Lily Weidman, Author January 31, 2024

Who really are you? Most teenagers don’t know the answer to this question, until they run into events they have to face later in their lives, bringing out the real version of themself. Kennedy...

The Canamores gathering for a family photo.

Forwarding the Support

By Maraya Dell, Editor in Chief January 29, 2024

Being able to have a strong support system gives you plenty of opportunities in life to grow as a person. The support from friends and family helps you confidently try new things. If the outcome is not...

Owens during a home wrestling match against Fenton High School.

Ronnie Owens : Senior Year Coming to an End

By Haidynn Bartholomew, Author January 29, 2024

Ronnie Owens is a 17 year old senior at Kearsley High School. Owens is respectful, charismatic, and carries himself quietly, but in a strong manner. He is not a big talker unless he is passionate about...

Isabelle Devine playing volleyball

Isabelle Devine

By Natalie Devine, Author January 26, 2024

Sophomore, Isabelle Devine, is a great student. Devine gets good grades and works hard for them. When she graduates highschool in two years she wants to go to college to become a physical therapist. She...

Marci Sporman and her family.(left) her husband Phill, daughters Anna, Amelia, and Sofia.

Kearsley High School’s Second Mom!

By Allison Bailey, Author January 19, 2024

Marci Sporman is a coach, mother, wife, and an inspiration for many students in the Kearsley community. Her dedication, support, and guidance often extend beyond that of a coach, leaving an indelible mark...

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