Hornets volleyball battles Flushing Raiders in district finals


IMAGE / caden palmer

The Hornets were at Herritage High School in Saginaw for district finals on Thursday, November 4.

Senior Karlee Clarambeau was proud of her team for making it to finals.

“I was really proud of our first game against Creek, it was our first win against them after two losses and it put us farther into districts.” Clarambeau said.

After beating the Swartz Creek Dragons in the first round of districts, they moved on to play the Raiders in the finals. The teams battle with the Dragons was definitely one of their best games they have had this season.

Junior Lola Spohn felt accomplished with the defeat of the Dragons.

“It felt really good, since Swartz Creek is someone we can be very competitive with,” Spohn said.

When facing the Raiders, the team fought hard but in the end the Hornets lost 3-0.

In the first game, the Hornets were bombarded by flushing hits, The Hornets tried to retaliate but the ended up losing 25-5.

In the second game The hornets put up a better fight getting a few hits of their own and more points were put up on the board, but the Hornets still fell to the Raiders, 25-11.

the last game The hornets gave it their all and it almost paid off, The Raiders sealed the deal the final game winning 25-15.

Although the Hornets lost, this was the first year in 10 years that they have been to districts.