‘Squid Game’ dominates US Netflix


IMAGE / Wikipedia Commons

“Squid Game” was released on Sept. 17th, 2021.

Ever since its release on Sept. 17th, 2021 the Netflix show “Squid Game” has gained a lot of attraction.

Currently, it has hit number 1 on Netflix’s top 10 in the US.

The first characters we meet are Seong  Gi-hun played by Lee Jung-jae, Cho Sang-woo played by Park Hae-soo, Kang Sae-byeok played by Jung Ho-yeon, and finally Oh Il-nam played by O Yeong-su.

The concept of the show is about people who are in debt getting a chance to play a game to win money. But the reward is a chance that may cost their life.

The players compete in childhood games like red light green light and marbles. The losers of the games are instantly killed.

For every player that is eliminated 100,000 Won or $84.62 is added to the prize fund.

Characters that are in the show get caught up in a materialistic mindset and lose sight of basic morals. Some players even leave their families and do unethical things to get further in the game.

Senior Arianna Morrison finished the show a few weeks after it came out.

“‘Squid Game’ was a great show that keeps the viewers on the edge of their until the final moments of the last episode.” Morrison said.

‘Squid Game’ capitalizes on showing viewers what people would do for money even if it meant losing everything. It comes down to only 1 player who will take all of the prize fund, and be able to leave the game alive.

Due to its massive popularity it is expected that Netflix will make another season for “Squid Game”.