Resident Evil Village blows fans away

The latest game in the Resident Evil series “Resident Evil Village” released on all platforms May 7th.

Already, fans are obsessed with the game and it’s great story and even better gameplay.

The game sends you on a journey to find your daughter after you and her are kidnapped by Chris Redfield, who saved you in the previous game.

You wake up to the van that took you in shambles, with footsteps leading into the woods, and your daughter missing.

After a short trek into the woods you find a village that lives in the eerie shadow of a massive castle where you are told your daughter is.

Once inside the castle, the doors lock behind you and you realize that the only way back out of the castle is to face the horrors inside.

In the main room of the castle, you meet Alcina Dimitrescu and her 3 daughters who you have to avoid as nothing can damage them unless they are frozen.

However, Alcina, who is 9-foot-6 and can grow her nails into about 5-foot razor sharp claws and will follow you until you enter a room she can’t fit into.

After you collect all of the masks needed to open the main door of the castle, you find a dagger that can be used to kill Alcina, which you try to do but instead of killing her, she mutates into a dragon looking creature which you have to fight.

After you finish off Alcina and escape the castle, you have to travel around the village, find the other lords, and get your daughter back, which is definitely easier said than done as the game is around 10 hours long on your first play through if you’re exploring the areas, but can be shortened greatly once you know what you’re doing.

The game overall was very fun and lived up to all of the excitement for it.

However, it was not as scary as the previous game except for in the doll house area as there was more of a focus on combat and action in most areas instead of the scary parts, making most of the game a kind of action thriller instead of a survival horror title.

That said, the game did not disappoint in the slightest.

Playing the game was a blast from start to finish and even after you finish the game.

There is the mercenaries game mode where you get to buy a weapon and face a certain amount of enemies before moving to the next area. There are multiple weapons you can purchase in the bonus shop that you can take into the story mode including a lightsaber.

Junior Kailer Young in particular seemed to really enjoy playing through the game.

“It was an overall great game and it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time with all of the jump scares and twists and turns in the plot.” Young said. “The ending really shocked me and ends up making playing through the game even more worth it.”