Mr. Binko transfers schools mid-year


IMAGE / Mackenzie Atkinson

Mr. Matt Binko transferred to Hartland schools Monday, Oct. 19, completing his time at KHS Friday, Oct. 16.

Mr. Matt Binko, mathematics teacher, decided to transfer to another school six weeks into the 2020-21 school year with his final day being last Friday,

“I got a job closer to home at Hartland,” Binko said. “I have plans to work in administration at the new school.”

He will miss the community he has grown to love and the students he’s befriended.

“I’ll definitely miss my students,” Binko said. “It was a difficult decision to make. I enjoyed my time at Kearsley and I will miss my staff and students.”

Mr. Brad Tankersley, student teacher, who has been aiding Binko in class for the first few weeks will be taking over for his classrooms with the aid of Mrs. Jennifer Durant, English and mathematics teacher.

“I’m very excited about taking over,” Tankersley said. “I’m just starting and I’m grateful for the opportunity.”

Tankersley started teaching because of the community aspect of schools.

“Schools make a difference in a community,” Tankersley said.

Binko is certain that Tankersley will be a great teacher for the students.

“He officially took over this week and has been doing a great job,” Binko said.