The Eclipse promotes Atkinson, Hart, Gunn


IMAGE / Mackenzie Atkinson

Kearsley administration is preparing for the upcoming bond proposal, which will be on the ballot May 3, 2022.

After seniors concluded the 2019-2020 school year in quarantine the Eclipse promoted junior Mackenzie Atkinson and sophomores Jonathen Hart and Molly Gunn to leading positions.

Mackenzie Atkinson, Editor in Chief

After only being on the Eclipse staff for only one year I was not expecting to take the position of editor in chief but I will do my very best to lead next year’s Eclipse staff through a great year of reporting.

Connor Earegood,  former editor in chief, and Elizabeth Taylor, former managing editor, have taught me the ins and outs of being a good reporter and a great leader and I plan to do the same for the new students, rookies, that will join the staff next school year.

I plan to help each rookie that walks through the newsroom door develop their writing and reporting skills as well as possibly help them discover their newfound passions like Earegood and Taylor did for me.

Also being promoted to the Editor in Chief of the school yearbook, the Echo, I hope to lead both of these organizations in produce high-quality content for both student-run Kearsley organizations.

Jonathen Hart, Managing Editor

Ending my second year with the Eclipse I am grateful I have been given the opportunity to become the Managing Editor.

Becoming an editor this past year has shown me that I need to have a different mentality. I have been taught by Alumni Jenna Robinson, Stephanie Lane, Autumn Prescott, Earegood, and Taylor what I need to do to better myself as a writer and a great teammate which I think I have shown great improvements on and why I have been awarded this position.

I plan to make next year a fun but hardworking year. I hope we can go down as the best Eclipse group of all time. For that to happen everyone must understand what’s going on and what they need to do. I will be there to help them, no matter how far along in the year we are.

Molly Gunn, Special Projects Editor

I am honored to become the Special Projects Editor for the Eclipse.

I started this class sophomore year after Earegood recommended the class thinking I would be a good fit.

I came to enjoy the class, cherishing every day I had in class with other editors and reporters and making some friends along the way.

I want to continue my love for writing in this class and as Special Projects Manager, I want to help rookies experience the enjoyment I have gotten out of the class and allow them to make their mark on the school newspaper.

I plan to help lead the Eclipse with Atkinson and Hart and continue to work my hardest each day to produce great stories and edit others.

This story was updated May 29 at 6:55 p.m.