Power lifting gears up for state championship


IMAGE / Angel Truax

Junior Isaiah Stiverson will compete at the power lifting state championship.

Power lifters are eyeing gold at the power lifting state championship.

Senior Josh Truax, junior Isaiah Stiverson, and sophomore Karlee Clarambeau have been preparing for the championship.

Stiverson is gaining on his maxes and is ready to win at the meet.

“I’m excited to win,” Stiverson said. “I’ve got my bench and squat max up and gotten stronger during the process.”

Stiverson deadlifts 450 pounds and is still increasing his weight.

Throughout the season, lifters meet Monday through Thursday so that they are ready for the Saturday meets.

Truax is ready to watch all of his teammates succeed and make the best out of his final meets. Truax is also getting ready by raising maxes to show everyone what he is capable of.

Truax has a maximum deadlift of 515 pounds.

“I’m ready for states, but I’m also pretty sad my senior year is up,” Truax said. “This will be my third year being able to go to states and I’m ready to make my last year one to remember and make everyone proud.”

Clarambeau has a squat of 255 pounds and wants to prove herself at the state meet.

“I’m ready,” Clarambeau said. “I’m going to better myself every week until states come.”