GCI will cover Hornet-Raider basketball games


IMAGE / Elizabeth Taylor

GCI students will be filming and streaming the Kearsley-Flushing basketball games Friday, Jan. 31, at 6 p.m.

As both Kearsley basketball teams take on Flushing Friday, Jan. 31, students from the Genesee Career Institute will cover the game.

Each year, the Digital Media Arts class films and streams a local high school game online.

The class chose the Kearsley-Flushing basketball game due to many of the students in the class coming from both Kearsley and Flushing high schools.

The students were able to provide information on the game to the rest of the class, so they chose the games.

Senior Grant Sterling will partake in the filming and streaming of the game.

“We cover sports as we find available spots from schools,” Sterling said. “It’s mostly to give students hands-on experience with the equipment.”

Deklyn Bays, a student of the Digital Media Arts program at GCI, said that the program is ran as a professional broadcast with graphics and a pregame show.

“Our mission is to do a live broadcast of both the boys and girls basketball games,” Bays said. “We have a production crew that’s going to be covering the whole game, also including graphics for the broadcast, a pregame show, announcers to cover the games play by play, and many more.

“The whole class of the Digital Media Arts program has worked hard to produce this broadcast and we are very excited to see how everything turns out.”

Due to MHSAA rules, the live stream must be available through an invitation-based group or be subscription accessible. The Digital Media Arts program has set up a Twitter account with a link to watch the broadcast.

The live stream will begin at 6 p.m.