Wrestling splits Swartz Creek meet


IMAGE / Mackenzie Atkinson

Junior Rodney Richards (top) attempts to turn his opponent for a pin in a wrestling meet at Swartz Creek Wednesday, Jan. 15.

The Hornets traveled to Swartz Creek to wrestle the Dragons and Clio Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Freshmen Gage Stafford and Keegan Doyle lost their matches by pin in the first period.

Junior Jason Judd won both matches by pin. He had a total of seven takedowns and one escape.

Junior Brandon Garvin lost his matches by pin with a total of one takedown and one reversal.

Sophomore Kaleb Gettings won his first match by a 6-2 decision and the second by an 8-7 decision.

Senior La’Ron Ruffin won his matches by pin in the third period. He had nine nearfall points, eight takedowns, two reversals, and one escape.

Junior Rodney Richards won his matches by a 5-2 decision and a pin. Overall, he had two nearfall points, one takedown, and two reversals.

Senior Trenton DiGenova won both of his matches by pin and had 14 nearfall points, three takedowns, and two reversals.

IMAGE / Mackenzie Atkinson
Sophomore Olivia Saxton (left) wins her first wrestling match by a Swartz Creek void Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Senior John Brown won by void against Clio and by pin against Swartz Creek. He finished with three nearfall points, five takedowns, one reversal, and one escape after a head injury in the third period.

Senior Brandon Fisher lost the first match by a 5-4 decision and won by void for the second. He had one takedown and two escapes.

Freshman Dominik DiGenova lost by pin in his first match and then won by pin for his second.

Freshman Jacob Mosher won by void against Swartz Creek.

Sophomore Olivia Saxton made her debut in a match against Swartz Creek, winning the 103 weightclass by void.

The wrestling team will take on Brandon Wednesday, Jan. 22.