Lo takes on America


IMAGE / Marin Marc

Senior Dag Wa Lo is an exchange student from Germany and will be at KHS for the whole school year.

A German foreign exchange student, senior Dag Wa Lo enjoys his time in America.

Lo is from Hamburg, a city in the northern part of Germany. He came to KHS to see the United States’ multiculturalism and because he wanted to realize his own American Dream.

Moreover, as a profane of politics, he wanted to have a close look at the American system because he is engaged in politics.

“The United States are presented as a land of opportunity,” Lo said. “Also, I like politics and this situation with President Donald Trump is very interesting.”

Lo’s main goal for the year is to learn English. He came across some difficulties in the past and wanted to improve.

“Before my exchange, I was not so good,” Lo said. “I did not speak so fluently and I had trouble with writing.”

Since the beginning of his exchange, he feels like he has improved tremendously.

Lo left Germany Aug. 18, taking a plane from Frankfurt, Germany, to New York City.

He spent three days in the Big Apple, enjoying his first time in America.

“I was sure it would be a great experience,” Lo said. “This city was so big.”

Here at KHS, Lo is happy about his integration. He has found friends very easily and does not have any regrets so far.

He met his friends, including sophomores Jacob Nock, Mario Wells, Kaleb Gettings, Francisco Garza, and Brendan Wilson in his different classes.

He thinks that, in general, the students do not have a lot of time to make friends at school.

“You don’t have too much time for doing it (making friends),” Lo said. “Only six hours with five minutes between each class. In Germany, you have almost 30 minutes to play some games or go outside.”

Lo truly loves his host family. Of course, he misses his parents and his friends but he thinks that it is completely normal.

“It is a good thing,” Lo said. “It means that I love them.”

Lo does not only miss his loved ones but he also misses the German food, especially German bread.

He also thinks that in his high school in Germany, you have more choices about what you are going to eat.

He is a bit disappointed about the price of the sparkling water here, which is way more expensive than it is in Europe. He is surprised by the number of fast food restaurants in the United States.

We have so many fast foods in America,” Lo said. “And in Germany, it is healthier.”

As a senior, Lo will take part in all of the events like prom, Graduation, and other high school activities.

Lo loves the environment of the school spirit that he has found in KHS.

“In Germany, we don’t have the space for the shop, the sports activities, (or) all these clubs and these infrastructures,” Lo said.

One of his passions is soccer. Lo also loves table tennis.

Lo thought that American transportation system is not as developed as it has the potential to be.

“In Hamburg, I can take the train. There’s a bus every five minutes and train every ten,” Lo said. “I can go wherever I want to. It is really easier than in America.”