Students enjoy snow day


IMAGE / Molly Gunn

Snow covers the bare branches of a KHS tree. Students enjoyed a snow day Tuesday, Nov. 12.

Students received a day off due to record-breaking snowfall Tuesday, Nov. 12. The snow day was the second unplanned closure of the year after a power outage caused a cancellation in early October.

The snow storm, which began Monday, Nov. 11, caused administrators to dismissed KHS and Armstrong Middle School early and cancel evening activities on Monday.

Students were excited to spend their day off doing whatever they wanted.

Many students decided to spend their day at home, including sophomore Brodie Dustin.

Dustin enjoyed his day off smashing buttons.

“I played video games,” Dustin said, “simply because I wanted to.”

Many other students also played video games, while some also watched movies and painted.

A picture outside the building after the Michigan snow storm.
IMAGE / Molly Gunn
Snow blankets the ground outside of the English hallway Wednesday, Nov. 13, a day after a record-breaking snow storm caused a snow day Tuesday, Nov. 12.

Other students took advantage of not having to wake up early for school.

Junior Trenton Griffith caught up on his sleep after a chaotic Monday.

“I woke up at 6:45 a.m. to find out there was no school,” Griffith said. “I was over-exhausted and over-worked on Monday.”

A number of students ventured out of their homes.

Activities ranged from hanging out with friends to going out to a restaurant to have lunch.

Junior Malaya Stevenson visited friends during the snow day.

“I went to my friend’s (house),” Stevenson said. “We wanted to hang out sometime during the week and the snow day was the perfect day to hang out.”

Though the snow day might come back to haunt students if students have to make up days at the end of the year, students celebrated their first true snow day with enthusiasm.