Gronauer will speak at commencement


IMAGE / Connor Earegood

Senior Tyler Gronauer is the Class of 2019 commencement speaker.

Senior Tyler Gronauer earned the right to represent the Class of 2019 as commencement speaker Saturday, June 1.

Gronauer is happy for his achievement.

“I was super excited when I found out I got chosen to speak at the commencement ceremony,” Gronauer said. “It’s a pretty big honor to represent my entire class and speak on behalf of them on such a big day.”

Seniors Stephen White, Chloe Clarambeau, and Stephanie Lane also competed for the honor.

The competition was tough.

“I did not think I would get it beforehand,” Gronauer said. “All of the other candidates were kids who are at the top of the Class of 2019. They are some smart and funny people, so we were definitely all fighting for this opportunity.”

I am truly grateful to be graduating with this group.

— Tyler Gronauer, senior

Gronauer is thankful for the opportunity.

“I want to say thank you,” Gronauer said. “I can’t think of any other thing to say. I am truly grateful to be graduating with this group.”

Miss Lindsay Pittenger, Spanish teacher, was one of the staff who members who selected the speaker. She liked Gronauer’s speech.

“He was charismatic, comfortable, and had a good message and theme,” Pittenger said. “He has good humor, his speaking was spot-on, as well as he had great eye contact and body language.”

The process of becoming commencement speaker is a lot of work.

You have to be in good academic standing, have two letters of recommendation, then come up with a speech that follows guidelines.

To top this all off, you must perform the speech in front of a select group of staff members.

Mr. Brian Wiskur, principal, felt Gronauer’s speech was quality.

“Tyler had a well thought-out, scripted speech,” Wiskur said. “He is extremely funny, but he is also serious when he needs to be. He spoke from the heart and seemed to get the teachers vote as well as being very organized.”