Begin studying now, final exams start soon


IMAGE / Karlie Frasier

Students use bubbling sheets like this one to record answers for their final exams.

Now that the governor forgave snow days during a state emergency, the last day of school is back to Thursday, June 6, which means final exams are coming soon — starting Tuesday, June 4.

Students now have less time to prepare and study for exams, so it would be wise for students to come up with a plan on how to study.

One good way to study is to form study groups with friends and help each other. Another option is to set up time for studying to help resist procrastination.

Another thing that would help with studying is improving memory and concentration. Students can do that by exercising to help clear the mind continue. In addition, re-writing notes helps with memorization along with helping to relate to new things by connecting them to previous knowledge.

Junior Brendan Nowaki said he has his study plan figured out for upcoming exams, considering he’s already taken exams multiple times.

“I usually just study constantly every night until the day before the exam takes place,” Nowaki said.

But sophomore Zackery Tuttle has a different method when it comes to studying for exams.

IMAGE / Karlie Frasier
Students should use their books and notes to study for their 2019 final second semester exams.

“What I do for studying is I look over the work we’ve done in the semester, for studying purposes, until the teachers hand out a study guide or something that will tell what’s on the exam,” Tuttle said, “and (I) answer the ones I can figure out myself before looking back at notes and worksheets that will help with the other questions I can’t figure out.

“And if the teacher decides to let us have a note card for the exam, I put the stuff I really don’t know on it to help.”