Timm prepares for future with education


IMAGE / Jolie Timm

Junior Jolie Timm (l to r) snaps a selfie with her brother, Stephen Timm, and mother, Ms. Leslie Timm, in August 2018.

Education pushes junior Jolie Timm through every choice she makes.

Timm is in the running to be valedictorian for the Class of 2020.

The key to Timm’s academic success consists of many key factors, but mainly her family drives her.

“My family definitely has pushed me to be the student that I am,” Timm said. “They always believe in and support me.”

Timm’s role model is her mother, Ms. Leslie Timm.

“She has always been there for me, pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone, and encouraged me to try my best at everything I do,” Timm said.

IMAGE / Courtesy of Jolie Timm
Junior Jolie Timm (right) stands with her mother, Ms. Leslie Timm, outside the Sloan Museum’s Courtland Center exhibition before the 2018 homecoming dance.

In addition to honors and Advanced Placement classes, Timm is a member of multiple academic and leadership clubs.

Timm is a member of Student Council, the National Honor Society, Future Problem Solving, quiz bowl, and the health clinic’s Youth Advisory Program.

Timm became a part of each club for many different reasons, although her favorite is Future Problem Solving.

“I did FPS back in middle school, and once high school started, I missed it,” Timm said, “so I went to our current coach, Mrs. April Yorks, about starting the high school team back up.”

Junior Autumn Sears, Timm’s close friend, believes she is dedicated and has a bright future ahead of her.

“Jolie is very hardworking towards everything she does,” Sears said. “She really cares about all of her friends. I’d say her best quality is her temerity to just be herself always.”

Timm has taken French for the past four years.

She is currently in French IV.

I have enjoyed knowing that I can always count on Jolie.”

— Madame Kim Rouvelin, French teacher

Madame Kim Rouvelin, French teacher, enjoyed having Timm in her classes over the past four years.

“I have enjoyed knowing that I can always count on Jolie,” Rouvelin said. “The fact that she is a great cake baker has been a special treat on my birthday and other class party days.”

Rouvelin believes Timm will excel in the future.

“Jolie will do well in whatever she decides to do because it is in her nature to be detail oriented and care about the results no matter what the project,” Rouvelin said.

Timm is not entirely sure on what she wants to do with her life, but she plans to attend either the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor or Michigan State University.