’90s rap is better than modern rap


Riley Paris

In the 1990s, some musicians changed the industry forever, including legendary rappers like Tupac and Notorious B.I.G.

Now, we have rappers with names like Lil Pump and 6ix9ine.

In less than a decade, rap died and was reborn into a whole bunch of talking candy.

The rap scene of the 1990s featured Slim Shady’s weird actions and the great feud of Death Row records vs. Bad Boy.

Back then, rap had a beat you could recognize and lyrics that were easy to understand.

Now, you walk into a store or turn on the radio just to hear the most annoying and repetitive music.

Current rappers now look like children decorated in face tattoos and Gucci.

Back in the day, rappers acted as the people they were and used their music to get points across, not their appearance.

Rap is not anything like it used to be; it is now awful.

Rap musicians would put time and effort into their music, making it genuine and touching.

This allowed people to relate to the lyrics they listened to.

Now, rap is a composition of random words strung together to form a nonsensical sentence, yet people call it “music.”

It seems like most current rap lyrics can be thought of in a matter of 30 minutes, unlike years ago when the music’s quality made it, at least, seem like a tremendous amount of time and effort was put into the production of many songs.

Rap was better in the ’90s, and it needs to return to its past glory.

It needs beats that take time and lyrics rappers care enough about to make meaning with.

Modern rap is a disappointment to the industry.