Fan bases ruin entertainment


Matt Ostrander

With every new addition to entertainment, there’s bound to be a legion of annoying fans ready to destroy everything you found good about it.

When there’s a trailer for a new television show or movie, there always comes a hint of fear of it being ruined by fans that love it a little too much.

When the 2018 biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody” dropped, this happened to me.

As a Queen fan, I was excited to see what Hollywood had in store, and upon seeing the film I was pleased with the final product.

However, I gradually became annoyed with the constant repeats of the same five Queen songs by fans only turned on to the band by the film.

Now every time I hear the angelic voice of Freddie Mercury, I sadly have to put my earbuds in.

It is annoying when people that didn’t care about Queen previously see “Bohemian Rhapsody” and are suddenly Queen superfans.

The fans took away my enjoyment of it.

This is not an uncommon occurrence.

The hit Adult Swim show “Rick and Morty” is also a victim of crazed fans.

I enjoyed “Rick and Morty.”

It was pretty good, with pokes at the science fiction genre and unforgettable jokes and characters.

But the fans took away my amusement of it.

Within a few months of the show’s release, there were children and adults dressing up like characters from the show, shouting jokes at the top of their frail little lungs, and dancing to bad pop music.

Fans analyzed bits of the show just to accuse others of “not being smart enough to get the joke.”

With the addition of the second season, I completely gave up hope for the wounded animal that was “Rick and Morty.”

With television shows and movies being the biggest victims of toxic fan bases, many overlook their impact on music.

Rapper XXXTentacion, also known as “X,” was not only a bad person, but a terrible rapper as well.

After his death, fans flocked to make the most cringe-worthy fan art commemorating the late rapper.

Many made songs inspired by his horrendous album “17,” while others made inspirational videos of him that preached about love and positivity.

But a rap sheet including domestic abuse, murder, and intimidation does not make someone admirable.

It is ridiculous that “X” gets so much praise for being a “positive person” despite his songs of hate and aggression, followed by his monstrous past.

Overexposure to these subjects has ruined them for me.

It is a shame that great additions to media are slowly being withered away to nothingness due to insane fans.

I fear for projects such as the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe “Avengers: Endgame” and the Netflix series “Umbrella Academy.”