Many students never feel fully prepared for AP tests


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AP testing starts Monday, May 6, and runs through Friday, May 17.

Advanced Placement testing began Monday, May 6, and will continue through Friday, May 17.

Students use a variety of studying tactics in order to prepare for the big tests.

AP exams are the culmination of year-long Advanced Placement courses. All AP exams have a multiple choice section and a free response section.

Junior Delanie Schreiber is taking exams for AP U.S. Government and Politics, AP United States History, and AP English Language and Composition.

In order to succeed on the exams, she gets help from teachers ahead of time.

“Teachers give us lots of review books as well as hints to where to find similar examples from the test,” Schreiber said.

You never feel prepared because it’s like the SAT — you can’t really study for it.

— Delanie Schreiber, junior

Schreiber recommends not stressing for the tests because students will never know what is on them until they take the tests.

“You never feel prepared because it’s like the SAT — you can’t really study for it,” Schreiber said. “Don’t freak out the night before and cram everything into one night. Plan out time to study and get help if needed.”

Senior Kyle Langworthy is taking the AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics exams.

Langworthy agrees with Schreiber that you can never fully prepare.

“I looked over videos and reread sections that I thought would help,” Langworthy said. “You truly don’t know if you are ready for the test. You figure it out when you get the test.”

Senior Nathan Maxwell is also taking the AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics exams. Maxwell recommends using your notes to your advantage to prepare.

“I look back at my notes throughout the whole year and look through terms and chapters that may help me,” Maxwell said.”I feel like when I have read and read over my notes multiple times (that is good), but even then I am still not as prepared (as I want to be).”