An open letter to my loved one who fights depression: You are not alone

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An open letter to my loved one who fights depression: You are not alone

Haley Peters

Haley Peters

Haley Peters

Haley Peters

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I know you feel as if life is not enjoyable and that it will never get better, but it will.

Life is a precious thing and you are not alone in this fight.

Good things take time.

Your friends, family, and I are all here for you.

I know there may be times you feel like you are alone and you won’t be able to get through it, but those are the times you need to remember that you can and that you will.

What is going on is temporary, it will not last forever.

Depression may be hard, but having a positive outlook on your life and the things that happen helps.

Yes, in life there are going to be obstacles, but you can overcome them.

You have for all of these years. There is no need to let the doubt overcome you.

Do not let something or someone bring you down. Nor let an obstacle be the reason you give up.

Keep going and don’t give up.

You are amazing, strong, and smart.

I may not tell you these things often, but you are.

Do not let depression break you, and always know that you are not alone and I am always here for you.

In the end, these obstacles you are facing are what help build you into the strong person you are.

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