Doubtful adults make teenage relationships harder

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Doubtful adults make teenage relationships harder

Haley Peters

Haley Peters

Haley Peters

Haley Peters

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Relationships are difficult.

Throughout high school, teenagers go through many experiences. Dating is one of them.

When a teenager gets into their first serious relationship, it is exciting for them.

As a teenager in a relationship myself, I try my hardest to make sure the relationship is a good one.

But this can be challenging when adults often tell me that my relationship is not going to last or that it’s just “puppy love.”

They say I can’t be in love because I am “too young.”

But I want to be happy.

I want to be loved.

I want people to let me make decisions for myself, peacefully.

Just because a majority of high school relationships do not last does not mean mine will not.

Adults do not have to consistently remind me of the likelihood of failure for my high school relationship.

It is my life. If I want to be in a relationship, then leave me be.

Teenagers go through enough already.

We have to deal with bullies, insecurities, school stress, rough home lives, and even jobs.

Adults do not always seem to put themselves in our shoes.

Many judge us without even trying to understand how things make us feel.

We get into relationships to help us feel better about ourselves and prepare us for future relationships.

When you have someone who is there to support you and lift you up when you’re feeling down, it makes you feel good.

Having a relationship in high school can help you learn how to maintain a healthy relationship, how to treat a significant other, and how to help others with their problems.

Relationships are harder when we can’t go to adults whom we trust for advice without them judging us.

We do not need the stress of people doubting our relationships, nor people looking down on something that makes us happy.

You learn how to manage your time among work, college, family, and friends alongside the relationship if you choose to do so.

Having the experience of a first boyfriend or girlfriend should not be looked upon as a bad thing.

Yes, adults are allowed to disapprove of teenage relationships, but the commentary is not needed.

Negativity is never needed.

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