Seniors participate in tradition: skip day


IMAGE / Jonathon Conley

Only 13 of 28 seniors showed up for Mr. Darrick Puffer's fifth-hour Senior English class Monday, April 30, also known as senior skip day.

Senior skip day is known as an unofficial holiday celebrated by high school seniors. At Kearsley, it takes place on the first Monday after prom.

This year’s senior skip day is Monday, April 30.

Since this day is not orchestrated by the school, seniors who missed school will be marked absent.

To some, an absence isn’t a big deal since most of the Senior Class will participate. But to others, it’s not worth missing a whole day of school.

Going over nine absences will resort in students needing to pass final exams wth a 78 percent or higher to pass the class.

Senioritis has struck many sudents in the Senior Class, and many students are near or over in absences.

Senior Zai Weine is disappointed that she didn’t participate by skipping school.

“I can’t miss because my absences are bad,” Weine said. “But if anyone has absences left, then why not.”

For others, this day couldn’t come quicker.

Senior Ayanna Thompson is excited for senior skip day.

“I think this is a day to take advantage of,” Thompson said. “Me and my friends are going to go eat at Starlight.”

A lot of the Senior Class plans to take advantage of this day and spend it with their friends.

For some seniors, this day is no different than a regular school day.

Senior Jala Clemons had the opportunity to choose what day she would present her senior project. Clemons chose to present on senior skip day.

Since many seniors are absent, Clemons had presented to fewer students in her classroom.

“I’ll be here on senior skip day because of senior presentations,” Clemons said. “I’d rather get it out the way with less people in the room than missing a whole day of school.”