Bowling, family drive Imari Blond to succeed


IMAGE / Alexis Roof

Freshman Imari Blond

Throwing that perfect strike is all that it takes.

Imari Blond is the person everyone expects to see going off to college on a full scholarship.

Blond is known around the Flint area for setting the youth city record in bowling and for her overall performance in the sport.

In March 2015, Blond rolled an 810 series for three games to set the city record. She was only in the seventh grade.

Throughout Blond’s life, she has moved around the Flint area.

Where Blond grew up, it was not the best part of town but still was a small community.

However, it never stopped Blond and her siblings from having fun.

Blond lives with her mom, Miss Duwana Ragland, older brother Quinton Burnett, and older sister Quinisha Burnett.

Burnett said there was never a dull moment while growing up with her sister.

“It was awesome,” Burnett said. “We never took anything too serious, and all we did was laugh and make jokes.”

Where Blond lived, the community was not broken.

IMAGE / Imari Blond
Freshman Imari Blond (bottom, second from right) is proud of her family.

Even though the surrounding area was not the best, everyone seemed to get along with one another.

Blond said that her home life was “great.” She shares many great memories with her sister.

“When she was younger, she would leave her room in the middle of the night because she didn’t want to sleep alone.”

Blond and her siblings all share a passion for bowling.

Blond’s siblings attended Indiana Tech University on bowling scholarships.

Bowling has taken Blond and her family around the country.

“We have been to Chicago, New York, Florida, Indiana, and Pennsylvania,” Blond said. “Those are just a few of the places we have been.”

You might think, based on some of Blond’s accomplishments, that she would have always had a strong passion for bowling.

Nonetheless, Blond just realized how much bowling has impacted her life and the passion she has for it.

“I didn’t realize it until I moved schools this year,” Blond said.

Blond may be a freshman, but she is a part of a winning team.

So far this year, Blond is the top girl on the bowling team and is averaging 213.

Blond shared another one of her biggest accomplishments.

IMAGE / Mr. David Fairman
Freshman Imari Blond is one of the top bowlers on Kearsley’s team.

“One of my biggest accomplishments was bowling a 298 in my first Junior Gold tournament,” Blond said.

Blond competes in Michigan Junior Masters Association tournaments, Junior Gold, and in the Flint Metro League.

Quinton said that he is proud of how far his sister has come, and he cannot wait to see the accomplishments she has in the future.

After high school, Blond plans to bowl in college.

Although it is too early for Blond to decide where she is going, she plans on going to whatever college offers her the greatest amount of money.

But that is not the only factor in her college-picking decision.

“One of the factors is going to be if my sister gets her teaching job in North Carolina,” Blond said.

Family and friends have always been something that Blond holds close to her.

Burnett said that her sister keeps to herself most of the time, but if someone hurts someone close to her, she is going to have their back no matter what situation they are in.

“I just want everyone to know that they matter,” Blond said.