Dealing with stage fright


Dealing with stage fright

With the senior exit presentations in the air, it would be good to talk about stage fright.

Many students have said that they are nervous about this presentation. Public speaking is a very common fear among many people these days.

The presentations started May 1st. The person to start the presentations in the seniors’ 3rd hour is Nathan Osentoski, who is also in public speaking.

He had a few tips to share with what would help with stage fright.

“Just breathe. Calm down, and breathe because it won’t last forever.” Osentoski explained. “Another thing is to be prepared for what you’re going to say and do. And have confidence when you’re doing it.”

These are all very good ideas, but some people want to know how to understand their stage fright so they can deal with it themselves.

The reason why people get nervous about presenting in front of people is because of adrenaline, a chemical that activates when your brain thinks you are in danger. A way to stop this is to tell yourself there is no physical danger, and that you will remain safe throughout the presentation.

Memorization is something that will help you throughout the presentation. If you memorize key points, your presentation will go well.

Finally, a way to make yourself feel better is to move. Moving and making gestures during your presentation will help the nervous feeling get out of your body.