Planning for a Change


Planning for change!

As the year is ending seniors have to decide what they are going to do with their life. The seniors may be going to college, taking a gap year, or going right into a career, but a plan is still a plan.

A lot of emotion can go into making these decisions about your future, since it’s something that affects the rest of your life.

There is a  bittersweet feeling about finally graduating high school for the seniors. It’s a new chapter in their lives, but they are also leaving a school and community that they are connected to.

Senior, Emma Stemple, has plans to attend college after high school.

“I am going to attend U of M-Flint and get my nursing degree. I am preparing by going to GCI and I’m going to graduate with a phlebotomy certificate and a PCT certificate,” Stemple exclaims.

There are many different careers that these seniors could’ve chosen from, the subject that they are going to major in reflects what they’re passionate about.

Senior, Blake Benner, explains his plans.

“I plan on going to U of M-Flint and studying mechanical engineering. I am getting a job in the summer to prepare for this,” Benner mentions.

Senior, Kennady Streeter, shares what she plans on doing after high school.

“I am planning on going to Mott Community College and getting my associates degree in dental hygiene. I have been preparing by applying for financial aid and coming up with a plan for myself,” Streeter notes.

These seniors are planning on creating a life for themselves by stepping out of the comfort of high school and venturing out into the world.