Everything is going to be “OK!” on OK Day!


IMAGE / Gabrielle Ray

Let’s say everything is OK!

March 23rd was OK Day!

OK Day is a day used to celebrate the popularity and history of the word OK.

The word “OK,” has transcended universal bounds and remains one of the most popular words used in the world to date.

The history of the word is shaky and others have their different beliefs about the word.

Some believe it became a part of our language due to an editing prank, while others believe it’s from a slogan used in a political campaign.

An enterprising editor of the Boston Morning Post made a humorous misspelling of the word “oll korrect” and formed the abbreviation, “O.K.”

This is the first time this word has appeared in writing.

The few that believe that it’s from a political slogan got this idea from an 1840 presidential candidate Martin Van Buren who used the slogan, “Vote for O.K!”

OK was an abbreviated version of his nickname; Old Kinderhook, Kinderhook was Martin’s hometown, Kinderhook, New York.

The Whigs, Martin’s political rivals, claimed Andrew Jackson who was Martin’s mentor at the time, only used OK in documents instead of the term all correct because he could not spell.

The claims did not help Martin’s re-election but it did encourage the popularity of the word.

As it is a more “silent” holiday, not a lot of students here at Kearsley High School knew about the day.

Once I informed them a lot of them were delighted to find out that OK had its own holiday.

Senior Zaeda Swinger wants to celebrate the popularity of the word in an ironic twist of not using it all.

“I’m not going to use the word all day,” said Swinger.

Band Director Allison Phelps will be celebrating the word as well.

“[I’ll celebrate it] probably by having an OK day,” commented Phelps.

Sophomore A.J Martin will also be celebrating the popularity of the word by making sure he uses it at least once on OK day.

While not a very prominent event, OK day can be seen as important as it celebrates one of the world’s most popular words.