The Willow Project


The Willow Project.

The Willow Project, a wide scale operation to turn one of the biggest areas in Alaska into an oil and gas drilling rig.

The project was initiated by the ConocoPhillips with the goal of turning Alaska’s north slope into an oil drilling rig, said to create over 600 million barrels of oil.

ConocoPhillips, an energy based company in Houston and who have been drilling Alaska for oil for years now, had proposed the project in 2020 and was originally agreed upon by the Trump administration.

When President Biden had gone into office, the project had to be accepted once again by the Biden administration.

On March 13th, The Biden administration had accepted the project and has allowed The Willow Project to commence. the catch being that the project had lost some of the oil pads that was originally agreed upon having.

Originally, the project was agreed upon having five oil pads, allowing them to create over 600 million barrels, but when the Biden administration had agreed upon it, they had lowered the pads to three.

The Willow Project is now being constructed in the northern slope of Alaska, now only being able to create 90% of what they had originally planned on.

The Willow Project has been a very controversial topic these past weeks, and alot of people want their voices to be heard about it, like sophomore Kyle Bondie who has disagreed with the project since day one.

“I feel like the people in charge are just screwing up the planet on purpose, you know with the pollution and stuff, just so us younger people have to deal with it in the long run,” Bondie stated.

Like Bondie, sophomore Micheal Dombrowski has exclaimed his distaste on the subject.

“Polar bears are already endangered, now that The Willow Project is going on who knows how much longer those poor animals have,” Dombrowski exclaimed angrily.

Now that The Willow Project is in full construction, when it will start drilling is completely unknown as many worried citizens have started protesting and taking ConocoPhillips to court.