Boys Bowling brings home the Gold!


The boy’s bowling team.

Kearsley’s bowling team is a known winner around here at KHS and they continued to stay true to that at States.

“We had an amazing game and played very well at states. I think we had very good communication and a lot of support for this competition,” expressed Zemore.

Everyone was cheering and excited that they had won states and they also had individual winners which were Trent Zemore, Tristan Hubbard, and Howard Hammond.

“The team showed great effort and showed perseverance through the competition,” recognized the coach of the bowling team.

I asked the bowlers how they felt about the competition. I asked how it felt to take the last shot of the day. “It was a really good moment, it was satisfying,” senior Caden Boychuk expressed.

Senior Howard Hammond talked about the feeling while at the competition.

“Very good knowing we had it locked up and a weight off of our shoulders and knowing we had all 3 goals accomplished,” stated Hammond.

Other bowlers also expressed their feelings about the competition.

They talked about their goals. They wanted to at least win metro conference, win regionals, and win states as a team since it’s more important to them.

This year came as redemption to them from last year, which was rough and they did what they could even up against New Boston.

I talked to freshman Jameson Vanier about being the youngest on his team to win states this year.

“It was cool to be the youngest in the final hour teams. I still have three more years and knowing¬† I could possibly do it again was cool,” said Vanier

When they won the competition they expressed their celebration and feelings about it.

“We all cried together and hugged our parents and the coaches, winning states was one of the hardest because there are only good teams involved, but everyone earned their spot there.”