K-Motion’s Seniors Take on the World!


IMAGE / Brooklynn Burdette

Seniors girls dancing their way through halftime.

The K-Motion seniors have many different futures ahead of them; they may not be able to know exactly what will happen, but they know they will take on the world.

The K-Motion seniors are Allyson Palka, who has been a part of Kearsley’s dance program for 5 years.

Alyssa Boven who has been on the dance team for 4 years, and finally there is Clara Sanchez.

These girls have many plans for their future.

When asked what they planned to do after high school, Palka stated:

“After graduation I plan to attend college at the university of Michigan at Ann Arbor, but I am currently undecided on what I want to study,” said Palka.

Boven also added to the conversation.

“After graduation I am planning on attending college but I am currently undecided which one,” said Boven.

Finally, there is Sanchez, who says, “I am planning on going to college but I still have two more years left of high school,” this is because Sanchez is an foreign exchange student.

K-motion seniors got to perform their senior solos at the basketball game on February 28, where they got to pick what songs they wanted to perform their solos to.

Boven picked to do her her solo to the song “Who’s That Chick” by Rihanna.

When asked why she picked this song, Boven beams, “I picked the song I did because it is fast paced and has many beats which are good for a pom dance.”

Palka picked the song “Twerk” by City Girls for her solo.

“I picked this song for my senior solo because I wanted a song that was fun and hip-hoppy,” stated Palka.

Senior, Sanchez performed to the song “LLYLM” by RosalĂ­a, Sanchez mentioned that she did not pick her song.

“I didn’t pick the song for my solo, but I liked it because it’s Spanish and it also has a part in English so I think it’s cool,” said Sanchez

These seniors had a dance season filled with ups and downs, but they had lots of amazing moments with their team.

These girls are looking at a very bright future!