Remembering our Senior Athletes


Every sports season there is a home game dedicated to the seniors called Senior Night.

The one that is being talked about today is Basketball Senior Night.

It can be an emotional time for anyone who has attended because their time at high school is slowly coming to an end.

There were 2 seniors who played Basketball that had the spotlight, along with a foreign exchange student from Spain.

Seniors Emma Stemple, Charlotte Deloffre-Gonzalez, and Jakhi’ Johnson are all playing, or apart of a Varsity Basketball team here at Kearsley High School.

Between the girls and boys Varsity Basketball games is when these seniors get their own spotlight.

Junior Samantha Atkinson states what she will miss the most about the seniors.

“I’m going to miss their personalities the most. We laughed a lot and we had fun playing the game together. They all are really fun people to be around,” vocalized Atkinson.

Sophomore Claire Carley explains what she will miss next year when the seniors are gone.

“I will miss Charlotte being funny and making her silly jokes along with just playing with them, especially Emma. She is one of my best friends and it is great to just play with her on the court,” states Carley.

Junior Donovan Harrington talks about what he will remember about the senior on his team.

“I will remember how Jakhi’ always brought energy to games and even practices during this season,”commented Harrington.

Being a senior can be an emotional roller coaster at times. One minute you’re wishing for it all to end, the next you’re grasping onto moments that will never happen again.

Senior athletes appreciate getting the spotlight all to themselves so they can savor every moment and reflect on past seasons.