KHS staff spikes down the competition

Boys from all grades meet in one gym to compete against each other in a set of volleyball games called Powdertuff.

On February 6th, the first games began.

The freshmen were against the juniors and the sophomores were against the seniors.

All teams were trying their best to get points and win the matches.

Unfortunately for the teams, there would have to be a loser.

The freshmen were working to beat the juniors, but fortunately for the juniors they couldn’t push past.

The juniors won both of the matches, meaning they moved to the second game.

Freshman, Aiden Tipton, shares his experience playing in Powdertuff.

“I didn’t really enjoy playing because I think we could’ve done better. I thought that the banter back and forth was funny and I enjoyed that. I think I played pretty well considering we lost,” Tipton remarks.

The sophomore vs. senior game was very close, both teams won one match and there was one to go.

The sophomores ended up scoring the final point needed to win. Putting the sophomores in the second game.

Seniors, Landon Watters and Blake McKerchie state their feelings on the game.

“I enjoyed playing and it was fun. I enjoyed the second game because we won against the freshmen. I played alright, I don’t think I was in the position to make good plays, but overall I played decent,” Watters exclaimed.

“I definitely enjoyed playing. It was good to play volleyball since we don’t have a boy’s team. I thought it was fun. Personally I think I played good, to others I may not have,” McKerchie notes.

The second game started and the juniors and the sophomores were ready to try and demolish the other.

The juniors won the matches and would move on to the staff vs. juniors game.

Juniors, Donovan Harrington and Conner Ruhstorfer share their excitement about winning.

“Oh yeah I definitely had the best time playing. I feel pretty good about the win. I kind of knew we were going to win. I liked that me and my team are very athletic and knew what we were doing. I am prepared to play against the staff and we are even more athletic than the staff. I think I played great honestly,” Harrington expressed.

“I feel very good about the win and I’m glad I get to play the teachers. I think I played good,” Ruhstorfer commented.

The final game took place on February 10th, during school.

The staff beat the juniors and were the overall winners.