What happened with the school bond?


IMAGE / Gabrielle Ray

What happened with the school bond?

Last year, at the May 3rd election, our district was approved for a 21.65 million dollar bond.

According to Superintendent, Paul Gaudard, this was the first bond project that Kearsley has passed in 50 years.

Due to the big hype from the rest of the community, some students wanted to know what the district decided to do with the bond.

Sophomore Taylor Thompson was one of these students, very curious and wanted to know more.

“I obviously looked up articles about the bond being passed, but I couldn’t find much about what was being done in the classrooms,” said Thompson.

Luckily for Thompson, Guadard was happy to explain how they plan on improving Kearsley Community Schools.

“Some of the improvements for classrooms include new classroom furniture at the elementary buildings, science lab renovations at AMS, and a new STEM space at AMS,” stated Guadard.

Guadard also went on to explain other improvements;

“Outside of the bond work, we have recently installed new whiteboards in all classrooms, installed new interactive projectors in all district classrooms and are renovating the KHS media center this summer,” Guadard continued, “Other recent projects paid for by our sinking fund include new windows and doors at KHS, Dowdall and Pumpkin Patch.  Roof improvements/partial replacements at Fiedler, Dowdall and Pumpkin Patch, new parking lot at Pumpkin Patch and renovation of the Dowdall Media Center.  We are also currently building a new cafeteria space at Fiedler.”

Guardard went on to talk more about some interesting improvements regarding the proposal.

“The biggest project on the bond proposal was the community recreation center addition which will include a new competition gymnasium, indoor track, weight room, training rooms and team rooms.  We hope to break ground this summer and have the project completed by the late fall of 2024,” said Guadard.

Guardard also decided to let us in on another big part of the bond proposal.

“One of the biggest parts of the bond project are secure entrances at each of the elementary buildings.  This was the highest priority project on the community engagement survey that we conducted.  Other improvements on the bond scope include an expanded parent parking loop at Weston and remodeling the auditorium bathrooms at KHS,” stated Guardard.

Kearsley district seems to be marching forward with these great improvements being made!