KHS Spanish teacher brings a lifetime of dreams to her classroom


Mrs. Chimbo in front of her tapestry

Walk the halls of KHS and ask many of the students who their favorite teacher is, plenty of them would happily say  Mrs. Chimbo, one of Kearsley High School’s Spanish teachers.

If you were to ask why, many would most likely agree on her inspiring and caring personality or motivational, uplifting and positive attitude, maybe her “we can do it ” outlook when dealing with issues in the classroom.

Mrs. Chimbo would modestly describe herself as a caring teacher who only wishes the best for her students.

For more than 20 years she has been teaching, and as her teaching styles and methods have definitely changed during that time, she has maintained the same can-do attitude, educating thousands of students over the years.

Four years ago, she came to Kearsley continuing her educational achievements by helping many more students at our own school to learn a new language.

That doesn’t mean teaching has been an easy task in any form, since day one though. According to her, it’s one of the hardest things she has done.

“Teaching here is like a roller coaster, there’s plenty of ups and downs, and can definitely be scary at times, but it’s thrilling none the less.” Chimbo exclaimed

Given the fact she wanted to be part of the airlines when she was a child, those thoughts changed to dreams of becoming something a bit more flashy as she got older.

“When I was real young I wanted to be a flight attendant but as I got older I had dreams of being a Solid Gold Dancer.” Chimbo said.

Solid Gold was a very popular syndicated music television series that ran from 1980 to 1988 with dancers performing choreographed routines to featured songs of the week.

Recalling parts of her past, her dreams and her life has helped in making her the teacher we know today in the halls of Kearsley high school. When asked how she keeps up her happy and upbeat attitude, she remembers how she was during her own high school years.

“I remember my high school years being horrible and terribly frustrating, and when I started teaching I had made a promise to myself to help and support my students as much as I possibly could.” Chimbo recalled.

From her dreams and hopes of her youth to this day, she has kept the fire and passion of her life’s work and brought a love of students, education and involvement in the school to the vast number of students whom she has helped learn a new language to. And has done so with a great and happy attitude.