New Year, New Start


At midnight on January 1st, everyone is ready for the new year and their new goals are in place.

Students at Kearsley High School were looking forward to telling us their thoughts on the new year and the accomplishments that are hopefully soon to come.

Freshman, Makayla Mills had something to say about one of her personal goals that she really hopes to achieve.

“I want to make more money, that’s my goal,” exclaimed Mills with dedication.

Having a goal of some sort coming into the new year is a great way to get into new habits that will help you in the future.

Freshman, Kolin Doyle is looking forward to achieving his goal and making his dad feel proud.

“I want to finish what my dad started, to get a 300 game in bowling,” expressed Doyle.

Staff member, Amanda Curtis, also wanted to share her main goal for the new year.

“[To] drink more water,” stated Curtis.

Goals are a great way to improve your stability in making you stronger and making you feel more accomplished.

Junior, Jaela Polite, stated her goal was to change the general way she does things.

“My goal is not to be as lazy, and to improve over time,” stated Polite.

When it comes to resolutions, try focusing on just one so you can see it through.