Toys For Tots makes a return


This holiday season the National Honor Society and Student Council are keeping Mr. Councilor’s tradition alive by doing Toys for Tots donations.

Toys for Tots is a tradition where you can bring in new toys and donate them to children in need. The Schanick family started the Toys for Tots at Kearlsey after Mr. Councilor’s class came up with the idea.

The students all believe that the Toys for Tots is such a good way to give back to children in need of having a good Christmas.

Many kids have already donated to the box located in the office.

Most are little kids toys that families don’t need anymore or they buy brand new toys.

This event is hoping to collect enough toys to donate to all the families and children that show up to retrieve their toys.

The school principle, Mr. Wiskur, talked about his gratitude for the event.

“I am very happy that students want to help the Kearsley community children by donating and buying new toys for them,” Wiskur beamed.

Other students like freshman, Logan Kulza, have already donated;

“I donated a small train toy my little brother had sitting at home not being used so I just thought I could donate it so it could get used by a child in need,” Kulza exclaimed.

Many other students have donated small toys such as, old LEGOS, car toys, and even skateboards.

The last day to donate to the Toys for Tots charity is Wednesday, December 14. so donate and share the Christmas cheer!