Hunting season is coming to an end


This 5 point buck is in the woods look up into the sky.

There are many animals you can hunt for in the United States and one of the main game people hunt here in Michigan is deer.

Deer hunting is winding down to the end of its season which means all the little, or big bucks that survived get another year to grow and build a better rack on its head.

Open hunting season on public and private land is from August 1st through March 31st every year.

There are different seasons for deer hunting which depending on the time of year, will depend on what you use to kill the game.

  • Archery starts on October 1st through November 14th.
  • Regular firearm stars on November 15th through November 30th.
  • Muzzleloader starts on December 1st through December 11th

Once again there is another archery season which is from December 1st through January 1st of 2023.

There are more than just these three “regular” seasons like Liberty Hunt and Independence Hunt.

Independence Hunt is for only the hunters with disabilities which is only two days but is on October 19-20.

Liberty Hunt is for the youth, age 16 and under and hunters with disabilities which is also only for two days which are September 9-10.

Junior, Austin Vanwagnen explains why he enjoys hunting so much.

“I hunt for a lot of reasons but the main reason is to be in our nature because it’s peaceful and I can clear my head. I also like to hunt because I like venison,” states Vanwagnen.

Junior, Hailey Cameron states why she goes out in the woods.

“My entire family hunts so it kinda just got passed down to me, but I do enjoy doing it,” says Cameron.

Hunting is something everyone can do at almost every age. You do have to pass hunters safety but after that your free to hunt with your license.

It’s a peaceful thing to do and many people enjoy it.