Kearsley Bowling is Back!



Kearsley’s Bowling team

With the snow coming, the fall sports are over and winter sports are well on their way.

One of these sports is bowling.

The tryouts were on the 14th, 17th, and the 18th at Richfield Bowl and most of the people who tried out did great!

The practices have been difficult, but helpful and some improvement has already been made.

The JV and Varsity teams do basics on Mondays; on Wednesdays both teams get together to share their progress and to have some fun.

They also do some fun stuff from time to time, like on Monday, Nov 28 both teams had a “Meet the Team” day where every winter team got to meet their coaches and other teammates.

I interviewed with JV players freshman Chase Parr, and freshman Terry Lovaas.

Parr described how he did during tryouts.

“I think I did well at tryouts I retained my average,” Lovaas also expressed how well he thought he did at tryouts. I started off bad, but did good in the end,” Lovaas stated.

The teams first tournament is Sunday the 4th. It’s non-mandatory, but good luck to the Hornets who participate!