Motivational Monday is in full swing


Here at the Kearsley High School, we used to do something called Motivational Monday.

Motivational Monday is just five minutes dedicated to different topics at the beginning of our first hour.

By popular demand, it is back in action here at KHS!

November 7 is the first day it came back and the theme for it was Veterans Day. Although Veterans Day isn’t until November 11, it still brings awareness to all the veterans here in the United States and even in our school.

During the first Motivational Monday, our teachers put on a video about Veterans Day and after you had to write about the freedoms and things in life, whether it’s big or small, that you are thankful for.

Being able to freely travel from state to state, having a say in who our government, or leader is when it comes to education, states, and even counties once you are 18 are just some examples of freedoms you could, and should be thankful for.

Even the veterans themselves took time away from their family to serve for our country to get all the freedoms we have today. That is something we all should be thankful for.

The notes the students write are anonymous, if you want it to be, and are put up on a poster, designed for Motivational Monday, in the school for school-wide recognition.

Junior, Elizabeth Soper explains how she feels about Motivational Monday.

“I enjoyed doing Motivational Monday. I like how it came back to spread awareness on whatever the theme is,” stated Soper.

On every Motivational Monday there is always a theme the teachers will have to go off and dress up to whatever it is.

For example, on our first Motivational Monday the teachers had to wear red, white and blue jeans for Veterans Day.

This just brings unity to the school and just gives everyone a brief idea of what the day is.

Mary Riley, a math teacher here at KHS who is a veteran of the United States Air Force, states how she feels about Motivational Monday being about Veterans Day.

“I think it’s great and makes me feel good on how all the teachers here took time to spend on these specific group of people who risked their lives for all we have now. I haven’t got a chance to look at the notes yet, but I like that Ms. Daily is doing this,” explained Ms. Riley.

Everyone should take part in this Motivational Monday because it’s a good gesture to do no matter what the theme is for that particular Monday.