Kearsley’s Fall All-Stars


All of Kearsley High School’s sports play in the Flint Metro League which consists of 12 different schools around Genesee County.

During the entire season of that sport, the coaches will have a small responsibility to look at the other team and point out who stands out the most on the team, or in other words who impresses them.

The Flint Metro All-League consists of three teams and an honorable mention.

From Kearsley, 11 athletes were picked from opposing team coaches to have a chance at getting these spots.

These three girls from the Varsity Volleyball team were picked to be on one of these All-League teams. These players are, seniors, Lola Spohn and Victoria Griffith and Junior, Annika Young.

Spohn ended up getting first team while Griffith and Young got honorable mention.

Griffith explained how she felt when she was told she got honorable mention.

“I felt proud and accomplished that I got on one of the teams. I did everything I wanted to achieve and I tried my best to get here for my senior year,” Griffith stated.

Similar to a double hat trick is the six boys who are on the Varsity Soccer team were chosen to be on one of these teams. These players are, Juniors, Caden Saxton and Daniel Sanson, Sophomores, Tony Romero, Lucas Groulx and Saul Granados and Freshman, Aiden Tipton.

Saxton got first team, Romero got second team, Groulx and Sanson got third team and Granados and Tipton got honorable mention.

Granados explains all the emotions the boys and himself were feeling when they were being told.

“All six of us got called down to Mr. Saxton’s office and we thought we were getting in trouble. He got on the computer and showed us the paper that had the list of everyone who got on the teams. It felt pretty amazing when I saw my name. I was proud of all of us because it proves the boys soccer program is changing and I’m glad I am a part of this change,” explained Grandados.

Next up is the Boys Varsity Tennis team where there were two boys chosen. These boys were, Senior, Caden Boychuck and Sophomore, Jacob Hager.

Hager ended up getting second team and Boychuck got honorable mention.

For our Girls Varsity Golf team we also had two girls who were picked. Seniors, Kate Jacot and Sara Ritchie.

Ritchie got first team and following her Jacot got second team.

Last but not least is the sport that everyone else views as a punishment!

Junior, Ava Boggs and Sophomore, Jackson Lillywhite are on the Varstiy Cross Country team and were chosen by other coaches to have a chance to be on these teams.

Boggs got second team while Lillywhite got third team in the All-League Conference.

“I felt really proud of myself and it made me look forward to regionals and a better personal record,” stated Boggs.

Just because you didn’t get put on a team doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. All the athletes here at KHS are amazing!

No matter what team you got on, it’s still an achievement.

Getting honorable mention is just as exciting as getting chosen to be on the first team.

There are so many athletes in each sport combining all 12 schools and it’s just a special moment  and something that is a big deal.

When you are on one of these teams, you get a golden bar to put on your very own varsity letter.

It’s important to put all your effort into the sport you love, you never know what can come out of it.

It can take you places if you truly care about it.