Band blasts into their concert season!


Band students are starting to get ready for their concert season at KHS.

As they are preparing, some students wanted to share how they felt about concert season.

Senior Maxx Baker explains how they stay calm while performing in front of a crowd of people.

“It doesn’t make me nervous at all because I’ve been in front of a crowd my whole life because of sports, gymnastics and softball. It’s more of all of the adrenaline that I get that kind of over powers the nervousness,” Baker said.

Baker had also mentioned that they will be involving band into their life after high school while going to Michigan State University.

“After high school I plan on joining the Michigan State University Marching Band to continue music,” remarked Baker.

Senior Thomas Brewer talked to me about his favorite part about being involved in band.

“I like the community aspect of it and how we all come from different family’s, but band is like a family on its own,” exclaimed Brewer.

When sophomore Tristan Payea-Steveson wants to feel fully prepared right before a concert, she likes to do these two things to help her feel calm and relaxed: “To prepare for a concert I like to run through the music one last time to make sure I have it down and uniform ready,” answered Payea-Steveson.

Although Senior Lola Spohn said she is interested in everything about band, this specific thing makes her most intrigued.

“What makes me most interested in band is probably the marching band because I like playing music people actually know instead of pieces that were written ages ago,” expressed Spohn.

From talking to the band members, they made me truly feel like the concerts will do great this year!