Kearsley’s Got Pep


IMAGE / Isabelle Devine

Grades compete against each other in relay 1

The group of teens piled into the gymnasium to get hyped for the following night.

On Monday, October 3, all grades were called into the gym to attend the pep assembly, there were 8 activities that would add points to the class’ cup if won.

To kick off the fun assembly, the band played the National Anthem.

Powderpuff court was introduced first with their escorts.

The activities were then started. The first activity was relay number 1. The sophomores were the first to win so they took the 30 points for their cup.

Hungry hungry hippos was the second activity where sophomores, Bailey Burton and Gabriel Shipley got the most amount of points. The sophomores were on a winning streak, but would that streak last?

Bailey Burton expresses how she felt about the win.

“Good, it felt amazing,” Burton noted.

The sophomores got the most pep when they won the yelling contest. Furthering their winning streak while gaining cup points.

The sophomores broke their winning streak when freshman, Kenric Gorney chugged the mystery sundae.

Gorney won the first points for the freshman.

Gorney stated what was going through his mind.

“This taste whack,” exclaimed Gorney.

Cheese balls were being thrown at shaving cream covered faces. The seniors won their first event when the time ran out and they had the most amount of cheese balls stuck on their face.

Relay number 2 was next. Juniors were disqualified when their balloon popped. The game was tight but then the seniors knocked down all the boxes winning the game.

The last screaming contest was won by the freshmen, meaning the freshmen have won 2 activities.

The last activity was the pop chugging contest. Juniors were cheering as their bottle was finished first.

The final scores were in. In first place the seniors with 110 points. Coming in second the sophomores with 90 points. With a total of 80 points the juniors place in third.

The freshmen class comes in last with a total of 30 points.