Homecoming Outfits


A Photo I Took At Homecoming

Can you believe your eyes with all the amazing outfits from Homecoming? Well, maybe you can’t believe your eyes if you unfortunately didn’t show up, I will try my best to explain the magical night in words.

All the glitter under the lights, the way the dresses looked so perfect! There really isn’t much to say! Because this article is about all the homecoming outfits seen and the conversations with students I had about their outfits. Hands down, this was the most magical of my entire life, for me, it was a blast!

The theme this year was renaissance, however, many people had their own individual style, which is the beauty of homecoming. The way we get to see different people with different styles, it’s so amazing to see!

So, for this interview the questions were:

Who or what inspired your outfit?

How much did your outfit cost in total?


The first person I interviewed was Emma Mccormick , a freshman who told me;

“There was no specific inspiration for my dress I just found the dress and liked it,” Mccormick stated.

Mccormick looked very elegant on Saturday.

She also told me that her hair cost around thirty dollars.

Mccormick also tells me that she had a very enjoyable time at Homecoming.

Ari Poindexter was another freshman I interviewed they stated to me that:

“Nobody inspired my outfit,” Poindexter stated.

“I got the dress from my grandma so it was free in a way.” They laughed and continued on “And my shoes? They cost about thirty dollars,” Poindexter tells me that they enjoyed spending time with their friends.

Let’s talk about a quick history of Homecoming.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines homecoming as “a celebration at school or college, usually including a dance and a football game, when people who were students there at an earlier time can return to visit” In short, past students come back to see how the school they once went to is shaping up, how different things may look. Homecoming games, dances, etc. have been around since the 19th century.