The Homecoming court for the 22-23 school year


IMAGE / Austin Potter

The Homecoming court during pep assembly on Monday.

There are 27 ladies and gentlemen in this year’s Homecoming court, including eleven seniors, seven juniors, four sophomores, and five freshmen.


The freshmen in this school year’s Homecoming court include Micheal Kirby, Ethan Billing, DaMarcus Adams, Deseray Blair, and Emma Yelle.

This year, the freshmen class had gotten something new.

This year is the first year boys are allowed in the homecoming court.

When asked about how he felt about that, Micheal Kirby was happy to respond.

“I feel like I’m part of history being made here at Kearsley,” Kirby smiled.

Freshman Emma Yelle was excited as well to be on this years Homecoming court.

“I’m just so excited that I’m able to have this opportunity that not that many people get,” Yelle giggled.

Moving on from the freshmen, let’s see who the sophomores are.


The sophomores in the Homecoming court for this school year include Audrina Grathoff, Jaylee Oliver, Jeremiah Brown, and Logan Saiko.

The sophomores this year are very thankful for being on this year’s Homecoming court.

Logan Saiko had stated that he felt lucky to be on this year’s court.

“Honestly, it’s an honor to be on the homecoming court,” Saiko exclaimed.

Saiko also said that he’s a little anxious about this responsibility.

“I just hope that I can be as good of a representative as everyone wants me to be,” Saiko finished.

Jaylee Oliver had that she’s just happy to be on it.

“I would’ve never thought that I would be on the court in a hundred years,” Oliver smiled.

Now you know the sophomores, let’s talk about the juniors.


This year’s junior Homecoming court include Ava Boggs, Emma Fessler, Karsyn Streeter, Heidi Urban, Donovan Harrington, Jayden White, and Julienne Brandt.

The juniors are just happy to be able to be on the court this year.

Donovan Harrington exclaims that he’s ready to represent.

“I’m just glad I had this chance to be able to represent my class,” Harrington smiled.

Harrington had continued saying that he just wants to be the best he can.

“I saw how other people lived their lives and I didn’t want to waste mine so I just want to be the best I can be,” Harrington exclaimed.

Ava Boggs has been the top of the Juniors for years and has been a roll model for the class of 2024 since Armstrong middle school.

“I’ve done so much for my class and I’m not stopping until I graduate,” Boggs said proudly.

But during the Powderpuff games, everyone was cheering for the could-be kings and queens, the seniors.


The seniors make up a majority of this year’s Homecoming court, with a total of eleven members.

The Homecoming court for this year’s seniors include Katelyn Jacot, Brittney Siegrist, Kennady Streeter, Holland Vernon, Kendall Welch, Blake Benner, Thomas Brewer, Dominik DiGenova, Jakhi’ Johnson, Zachary June, and Nicholas McDonald.

The seniors this year are excited to see who will become the king and queen.

Thomas Brewer is a senior who has been here at KHS since kindergarten had this to say.

“I’ve been here all my life and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Brewer grinned.

Brewer had stated that his only dream left in this school was to be the king for this year’s court.

“If I was to get king, it would just be a dream literally coming true,” Brewer laughed.

Other member Katelyn Jacot has been so excited for the Homecoming game ever since she got on the court.

“I don’t really care if I win, I just want the queen, whoever she turns out to be, to know that she deserves it,” Jacot exclaimed.

On behalf of everyone here at KHS, we all just want to congratulate whoever wins king and queen for making it this far and getting the crown!