Be sweet, buy a treat!


Candy-gram poster

As the Homecoming week approaches, people are getting excited to give their loved ones a treat.

People all over the school are buying candy-grams to give to their significant other as a surprise.

Candy-grams are a beloved gift you can give or receive from someone while in school, you buy the candy-grams and write a small note if wanted and send it to a friend or significant other.

You can even put your name on the candy so that person can know it was you or you can stay anonymous for a secret crush!

The Leadership class is in charge of this event, they are very excited and cannot wait for people to start buying.

I spoke to a few students about the candy-grams and this is what they had to say:

Sophomore Jackson Lillywhite explained why he thinks it is important to give a candy gram.

“To show appreciation to the person you are giving it to,” Lilywhite stated.

While some people think that giving the gift is important to their relationship, others think that it is amazing to receive them.

Sophomore Shawn Hall says, “I would feel very special to receive a candy-gram.”

Hall also says that he hopes to get one from his girlfriend. Actually many couples have said they would really appreciate receiving a candy-gram.

Some people are excited to buy candy-grams to give to their secret crush!

Sophomore Declan O’Connor says he plans to surprise his crush.

“I am going to get a candy-gram for my crush,” beams O’Connor.

O’Connor also explains that candy grams are a good way to show affection.

“It is a way to show that you like someone other than just words, and helps with showing those emotions in a cool and simple kind of way,” O’Connor remarks.

As you can see, a lot of people enjoy the treats and cant wait to give it to someone they think is sweet.